Changelog #2 - 19/11/2021

Submitted by NightKrawler, , Thread ID: 3

Changelog #2 - 19/11/2021

11-19-2021, 11:28 PM
  • Last Poster Avatar
  • Discord Webhooks
  • Awards
  • Thank You/Like System
  • Alerts System

Modified Templates After Installed New plugins:
  • Last Poster Avatar Templates
  • Awards Templates
  • Thank You/Like System Templates
  • Alerts System Templates
  • Posts and Threads Templates
  • New points a.k.a [Credits] Templates
  • Other miscellaneous fixed

Other Informations:
  • If you see bugs, you should report admin to fix them.
  • Report if you see some functions didn't Work well.

Currently, you should Create a new thread in Support Forum, and a Later "Bug Tracker" system will be in this forum.
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